Sunday, May 23, 2004

The books in my library

AFTER: Yes, I'm a big LOTR fan. Posted by Hello

My reading selection can be defined as "light on the brain". There's some manga (my sister's), Spider-man, X-men comics (mine), romance, sci-fi and fantasy (which makes a big number of the books), general fiction (Nick Hornby being one my favourites), crime (mostly Michael Connelly) and Christian spirituality, which makes up one shelf. I have 'more serious' stuff too, but that's hard to define; there are books on journalism and writing, which I keep in my study (not pictured here), books on politics, interior decorating and travel. Oh, and there's a section where I shelve books on dogs and cats! Namely those by James Herriott.

Very difficult to pin down my favourite books. I read almost everything (though shie from romance. They're too funny).


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