Friday, June 25, 2004

Another book sale: Popular 3-day Crazy Deal

As if my wallet is not suffering enough; Popular Bookstore has to sic a book sale on me. The Book Review Blog alerted me about the sale.

Venue: Amcorp Mall at the concourse area, Petaling Jaya, Persiaran Barat
How long? From today until this Sunday (June 27th).
Deals? Apparently "rebates up to 70%" as reported by the blog.

Will hop by today, hopefully, to have a peak. I'm don't think my wallet will thank me for this, but "book sale" is often a siren call for me.

PS: Revisited the Times warehouse sale again. Dented my wallet by another RM200, which brings total damage to RM313. Wish I could say this is the end. Will be revisiting on July 2. Help! I'm a slave to books ...

Also, will be putting up the semi-complete list of books I bought at the sale tomorrow.


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