Wednesday, June 23, 2004


I'm perhaps, one of the few Malaysians whose parents would beg once in a while to "stop buying books."

If there's one weakness I have, especially when it concerns my wallet, is my inability to turn away from a good book. Bookstores like Kinokuniya and Pay Less are "traps" for me. I so often find good deals ande rare books that I often leave the stores a few hundred ringgit poorer.

Take my visit to Pay Less last Sunday, for example. I found Bad Love by Jonathan Kellerman, a new mystery writer I'm checking out. The book was being sold at RM7.90, the price of a meal at shops around my office.

At Kinokuniya, it is the graphic novels section that do me in. A fan of X-men, Spider-Man and others, being surrounded by so many glossy trade paperbacks could drive me mad.

This month was quite a record. I believe I bought about 20 books. I will probably read them all in two years' time. Sometimes, I shamelessly just buy a book to keep it. Naughty girl.

I buy so many books that I don't know where half of them has gone. Yup, dad was the keeper of my books, faithfully squeezing the volumes in the limited space available at our Subang home. I, with the spotty memory and all, helpfully squirelled some as well. Unfortunately, I don't know where they are!

Worse, sometimes I lend books out and never get them back. And I don't realise this until years has passed. I lent Lee Kuan Yew's memoirs to a friend - oh, two years ago. Unfortunately, said friend and I have a falling out, so getting the book is going to be quite difficult. Lent another friend my favourite historical romance trilogy. It's been two months and I'm starting to sweat.

Well, I better have a system to keep track of my books or else precious volumes are going to go poof!


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