Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Can't stop reading ...

Michael from Eyeris may have started a trend of sorts! I'm picking up the post started by Michael and continued by Grace Shu: Where/when do I read?

Yes, us voracious readers just find time to read a few words here and there. On average, I read about 4 to 5 books a month. Unfortunately, I buy twice (or more) the amount of books I read!

In bed as I'm about to nod off
I absolutely cannot sleep if I don't read first. It's a rite I've begun goodness knows since when and it's a rite I cannot seem to break. Even when I'm bone-dead tired, I will still grab a book to read for a few minutes before nodding off.

At traffic lights when the lights are red
Definitely not when it's green. ;P As Michael says, kids (and adults) don't try this. I rely on the car behind me to honk me into awareness when the light turns green. I have not cultivated the necessary skills to read while in a jam like Michael though. ;)

While at a long line at the supermarket
Sunday/Saturday grocery rush is never a drag when you have a book in your bag while waiting for that lady in front of you with a few hundred items in her cart to finish paying.

While in up-market coffee shops like Starbucks or Coffee Bean
Curled up in an oh-so-soft sofa with a good book is a thrill. Unfortunately, by the time I'm done sipping that iced blended chocolate (I can't take coffee) I'll be so cold I find it hard to concentrate! ;)

In the public jacuzzi at my apartment
Hmmmm. The epitome of loveliness. With the water bubbling around me, I would indulge in a mystery or two. Of course, the book getting splotches of water here and there is a casualty of sorts.

In other places where it's too delicate to discuss about it further
In the loo lor ...


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