Thursday, June 24, 2004

Dazed at the Times warehouse sale

One word. Fantastic!

I didn't want to go, honestly. I have no $. Yes, I have a credit card, but this lady is really seriously in debt. But when Daphne (who also reported about it) told me how good it was I just had to go. I'd never forgive myself if I missed out good deals. Michael, a Star journalist who also keeps a blog was ga-ga over it too.

It took some time for my colleagues and I to find out where exactly it was (2nd floor of the Fedex building) but we were there. My goodness. Can I say stacks upon stacks of books? They are laid out in tables all over the area. And it's a huge area.

What kind of books? Everything under the sun. Picture books, bestsellers, obscure books, rare books, non-fiction books ... many for the ridiculous (in a good way) price of RM10. I bought The Poisonwood Bible, How to Lose Friends & Alienate People, Saga of the Renunciates for RM10 each. They are, except for Saga which is a tad tattered, in pristine condition.

There are books below RM6, and they're not books to scoff at, that's for sure. The ultimate steal has to be The Giant Book of Celtic Myths and Legends for 50sen. Yes, you read it right: 50sen.

Then there's Roald Dahl's Boy and Going Solo for RM6.

Current bestsellers are selling around RM24 upwards. There are, by the way, stacks of Lord of the Rings books but I did not spy any Harry Potter volumes. If you're big into The DaVinci Code, it's there.

There are other things as well - original VCDs and stationery.

What's my damage? RM113. Surprising, especially since I bought so many books.

I give this warehouse book sale a solid A+.


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