Friday, June 18, 2004

The Face by Dean Koontz

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Dean Koontz's books are a guilty pleasure. Most of the time they're really cheesy, but they're so darn enjoyable. Maybe because the stories are often outlandish and weird.

I was introduced to Dean Koontz by Alex and his wife Susan, the owners of Reader's Corner at Subang Parade (it's a rent-a-book store). I started with Strangers, one of his better books, and proceeded to devour almost every Koontz book imaginable. But somewhere along the line, Koontz's work started getting bland and predictable and I stopped reading.

I only started reading him again with False Memory, a so-so book which at least managed to hook me in till the end. The latest is The Face.

Here's my review, which appeared in The Star today.


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