Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Ruse: Enter the Detective

Lovely art, not-so-wonderful story, but still ... Posted by Hello

Visiting Kinokuniya at KLCC (in Kuala Lumpur) will always almost just do me in - in the wallet department, that is. My biggest weakness is the graphic novels section. I'm a sucker for pretty pictures, so nice picture + great story = irresistable.

One of my better buys was Ruse: Enter the Detective. I was mainly attracted to the art, which depicted the Victorian era perfectly. Of course, the dishy detective Simon Archad helped seal the purchase!

Simon is a super detective who is able to solve almost any case. He's suave, handsome, cultured and as cold as an iceberg. He exists in a Victorian era where gargoyles exist and druidism is an official religion. Unbeknowest to Simon, his prim and proper assistant Emma Bishop is a priestess who can freeze time - among other things.

A mysterious woman - Miranda Cross - appears, and intrigues Archad. She also disturbs Emma because she has mysterious powers too!

The story is very predictable, but the hinge that keeps us going is that we want to know more about Emma ... unfortunately, we don't really get more than - her eyes glow, a disembodied voice speaks to her and she can freeze time.

Besides the intriguing Victorian-esque art, what keeps the story going is this Scully-Mulder-like 'tension' going between Simon and Emma. Will they, or will they not?

(Most definitely not. Yet. The writers would want to milk the tension for what it is worth.)

If you love gorgeous art, an okay storyline and a nice looking hero, Ruse is a good bet.


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