Thursday, August 05, 2004

Holiday reading

Reading the Guardian article If the book fits got me thinking on how I almost never pick the right book to bring on vacations. If you're a bookaholic, you're then familliar with the angst of having to pick one book out of a thousand to read while you're sipping that magarita under an umbrella in a beach.

Ah, if only we're given the choice to bring our entire libraries!

I most often than naught bring three books with me because I just can't choose. The worst book I've ever brought on vacation with me was a an Angel tie-in book. Uninteresting would be a kind word. Insipid was more like it.

On a trip to Morrib, I brought The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole which got me so hooked that I forgot that I was supposed to be playing sandcastles on the beach rather than reading in my room.

If I have a long travel by plane ahead of me, I almost never pick the right books because I often pick books where you've got to concentrate on the plot details - which would be interesting to me if I didn't have to battle air-sickness and while being frightened witless by nasty turbulence. I brought a book on Post-modernism (wuh? Huh? Sociology. Yeah, I sometimes read books like that - am I just professor-ish, or what? :) and then for the 'lighter side of things', a Terry Brooks book: Jarka Ruus. I found it difficult to appreciate the peril the characters were in when I am trying my desperate best to retain my breakfast in my stomach.

Magazines are the best bet for me during long air flights. And I spent a hefty $ on the return trip from New York on my favourite but pricy mags like Film and Empire.

I loved reading the short, punchy and often funny movie an
d DVD reviews. The wealth of cute actors between covers didn't hurt one iota, of course.

Am planning to go on a nice, beach-like holiday in Lumut soon with my pal Chris from Ipoh. What book shall I bring then? Maybe not books on sociology.

I think I'll bring comics. What can be lighter than comics, eh? Or perhaps the book I've been meaning to read by Bill Bryson, my numero uno favourite travel writer: A short history of nearly everything.

It's about science.

Hmm, maybe not such a good idea.


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