Monday, October 18, 2004

Where art thou?

The problem with having a lot of books is that sometimes I can't find them! Just a while back, I was hunting high and low for a particular book I suddenly had the intense desire to read. I couldn't find it even after numerous searches as was about to buy another copy when I saw it tucked in one dark corner of the library.

I have only about 1,000 books. Okay, it may seem a lot to some, but to those with libraries, this seem like a mini library. My library probably wouldn't expand beyond 1,300 because I usually try to keep it 'under control' by selling some of my books away. Usually what I call 'bad buys'. Books that I wouldn't even think of reading again.

Anyway, the book that I've lost this time is Dave Barry's latest book which I can't remember the name. Wonderful. I'm due to review it and I can't find it! Argh.

Well, probably just have to take apart my library to find it somehow.

Another solution is that perhaps I should try a systematic arragement of my books next time and to create a 'borrower's record'. I lend my books out often, but typically, can't remember what I lent or to whom!

Wonderful librarian, aren't I?

(Which makes it doubly ironic since I was really one in school.)


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