Sunday, November 21, 2004

Getting lost in the library

Was back at the apartment yesterday and decided to pick a book from my library to read. My little library is a wonder. It's filled to the brim with books - nearly 1,000 of them, and 60% of them I've not read!

Unfortunately, I couldn't decide what book to read. Almost all the books there are worth reading and I want to read it all at once! In the end, I picked How to Lose Friends and Alienate People by Toby Young and a Star Trek Voyager novel.

I've been reading too many non-fiction books these days (too many of them on politics!). I need to return to the land of imagination once more. So I am reading Marion Zimmer Bradley's The Fall of Neskaya right now. The book has not set my imagination on fire yet.

There a sense of sadness when I drove away from the apartment, knowing that I left behind all those lovely books alone well I concentrate on just for a few. But I'll be back later ...

We're quickly running out of shelves for the library. I kid you not, my sister and I have added perhaps 200 over books to the collection just this year. I'm starting to wonder that perhaps I should utilise the space above my toilet for book shelves.


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