Thursday, December 02, 2004

Tom Hanks will be The Da Vinci Code's hero

He's a good actor and all, but does anyone out there echo my sentiments that Tom Hanks doesn't feel like a Robert Langdon (spelling? Too lazy to check)? I don't know. I've always thought Robert would be ... cuter. More like Indiana Jones or something. And here's from someone who has not read the book.

Why have I not read the book? Well, I'm a person that avoids a book if it's hyped up! Maybe it's the snob in me who wants to say, in a plummy Brit accent: "No, I shan't read the book."

Truth is, I just haven't gotten around to doing it. I tend to be slow when it comes to book trends. I tend to read the "kewl" books months after the publicity has died down. Always waiting for a discount or a second hand book to come out.

If I'm to start on Dan Brown's books, I most probably would not start with Da Vinci but with Angels & Demons. I kinda like the title.


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