Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Grumpy me

I had to do some business at MPSJ today. I walked five minutes to the entrance under the fiery sun because I had to park my car far, far away and take a roundabout way to the door because they were doing some construction works. (Rant: There's this nice gate at the front of MPSJ that will lead us to the doorstep of the main entrance but it's always locked. Whylah?? Is the gate for decoration purposes only?)

And when I got there, what did clerk tell me (granted she was very nice while doing so)? I didn't bring the right form.

Right, so I spent another five minutes trying to get back to my car, muttering all the way.

Then, when I got back, I discovered that my dog's urinary problem - ala blood in the urine - is back with a vengeance, so my worry went up a few notches. My dog can sneeze and it'll send me into a frenzy.

Called the vet, and he said to collect the medicine. What did you know that USJ decided to live up to its nickname (Ultra Super Jam) by throwing up a big huge jam. Why? Because workers decided that it'll be just fine and dandy to close two lanes from the main road along SS19 for some construction work.

Then, couldn't find a darn parking spot at the vet. Had to double park. On the way out, some taikoh with a bad sense of depth and space kissed the front of my car with his bumper. The damage would've been worse if I had not smacked the hood of his car three times. Didn't even say sorry. Ceh.

Because of all this, was not that early for work. So, grumpy me walked into work today. Hmph.


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